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A quick conversation about the movie, About Alex, with stars Maggie Grace, Jane Levy, Max Minghella, Nate Parker, Aubrey Plaza, and Jason Ritter (in alphabetical order).

  August 10th, 2014 About Alex Interviews News


Jane attended the premiere of “About Alex” yesterday in Los Angeles . I have added 73 pictures to the gallery.

  August 7th, 2014 About Alex News public appearances


The trailer for the upcoming drama movie “About Alex” starring Aubrey Plaza and Jane Levy, which was released Thursday, shows the emotional journey a group of distant friends take to reunite with one another.

The film focuses on a group of twenty-something year-old friends, which also includes Max Greenfield, Nate Parker, Max Minghella and Maggie Grace, who have drifted apart but rally together for the weekend after one of the friends, portrayed by “Parenthood” actor Jason Ritter, the son of the late actor John Ritter, attempts suicide. Throughout their time together, college memories and conflicts reveal the difficulty in outgrowing friends while moving into adulthood.

The trailer promises romance, disagreements and comedy in the movie.

The film debuted at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. Writer and director Jesse Zwick is making his debut with the film.

“About Alex” is set to hit theaters August 8.


  June 19th, 2014 About Alex News Videos


ABC’s comedy cleanup continued with cancellations of Suburgatory and Super Fun Night. They join fellow ABC comedy casualties Trophy Wife, The Neighbors and Mixology.

Suburgatory and The Neighbors’ fate was sealed last night when ABC picked up to series comedy pilots Selfie, from Suburgatory creator Emily Kapnek, and Galavant, from The Neighbors creator Dan Fogelman. Suburgatory had a lot going for it in Season one — a big ratings start as a breakout hit and a breakout star in Jane Levy. The series started meandering creatively in Season 2. It attempted a reboot in Season 3 with casting and setting changes but that failed to bring viewers back. Still, ABC president Paul Lee loved the show and there was a small chance for a limited Season 4 order until Selfie got the go-ahead. Still in negotiations for a pickup is Friday comedy Last Man Standing.


  May 9th, 2014 News Suburgatory



Aubrey Plaza was terror-stricken when she arrived at the abandoned Catskills ski lodge that served as the set of her indie film About Alex — so much so that she became closer to her castmates than originally expected.

“I forced Jane [co-star Jane Levy] to move in with me because I was terrified I would get murdered by some mountain person,” confesses Plaza, one of the lead characters in the film about a group of old college friends who reunite over a long weekend to bond after one of their pals attempts suicide. “I felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, and it was totally creepy.”
With little to do during the off-hours, Plaza — who plays Sarah, an attorney who turns to cooking to de-stress when emotions run high during the drama-filled reunion — decided to dedicate her free time to cooking.
“One of the first nights I was there, I decided that I was going to cook for people,” says the Parks and Recreation actress, who made spaghetti dinners for castmates Levy, Max Greenfield, Jason Ritter, Max Minghella, Nate Parker, Adam Saunders, and Maggie Grace. “I was going to be that person in real life to help get into character.”

The experience of bunking up and cooking in a rustic cabin in upstate New York ultimately proved ideal in cultivating the type of longtime friendship depicted in About Alex. “It felt extremely honest, especially in the way that everyone gathers together after so much time,” says Greenfield, who plays snobbish graduate student Josh. “And I know that I was first drawn in because I thought that it would be fun to hang out with this group for a month and really go after this material.”
Plaza agrees, adding that the cast — largely first-time acquaintances — had some extra help when it came to bonding. In keeping with their rustic location, some old-fashioned summer camp-style group exercises were in order. Debut director and screenwriter Jesse Zwick organized an activity where the cast sat in a circle and “with our eyes closed, we talked through our characters and how they related to one another,” says Plaza. “That was really impactful, because it was one of those elementary-school moments where everyone had to have a quiet moment, which doesn’t happen with adults very often.”
In the movie however, the gang discovers that maintaining friendship isn’t easy once the frat parties and late-night dorm gab sessions are over; they find that limited interaction through social media can distort relationships, testing even the most sincere of intentions.
“I felt that within a few pages of reading the script, that it immediately grabbed me in a way that is pretty unusual,” says Greenfield, who plays Schmidt on New Girl. “It really inspired me to go after this material and story, which are so different from what I do week in and week out.”
And although Greenfield didn’t pick up cooking like Plaza, he says he did leave set a bit wiser.
“In real life, I am not very smart or educated,” jokes Greenfield. “So with all the smart references that my character makes that I was forced to look up, I do feel like I can walk away learning something from this guy that was a lifelong college student.”

About Alex premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday.

  April 15th, 2014 About Alex News

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