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I have added some photoshoots that were missing from the gallery:

For her role in ‘Bang Bang Baby,’ a sci-fi musical set in the 1960s, Levy put her dancing skills to the test. “My character would do these jerky and unattractive dance moves in the middle of something really sultry, and I loved that,” she says. “For one big musical number, they hired a choreographer to lift me in the air. I got to rip off my skirt—I had hot pants on underneath!”


Jane attended the premiere of “This Is Where I Leave You” yesterday in Los Angeles. I have added 51 HQ pictures to the gallery. Enjoy!

Jane Levy has fought the undead in “Evil Dead” and, far worse, dealt with life in the suburbs in “Suburgatory,” but now the young actress faces one of her biggest obstacles to date: musical theater.

The young starlet plays, well, a young starlet in her new movie “Bang Bang Baby,” one who wants to escape her small town and become a star. It’s a classic story… at least until the human mutations come into play. I’m sorry, Jane, can you describe it better for us?

“It’s like a sci-fi musical melodrama set in the 1960s,” Levy explained when MTV News caught up with the actress at TIFF – adding that her character imagines being swept away by an Elvis-inspired singer. “She’s bananas, you find out.”

She also has to sing, something Levy was scared of and excited for at the same time.

“I did one song, we recorded it live on set, and it’s used in the movie… the rest I recorded in the studio,” Levy said. “That was a fun experience but really scary.”

Since the movie takes place in the 60s, it’s done in the style of old movies, with Levy telling us they even shot old-school, “on treadmills with a projection on the background,” which made her and her costar Justin Chatwin feel at once awestruck and a little terrified.

“Sometimes Justin Chatwin and I would look at each other and think ‘Do we need to get the hell out of here right now, what are we doing here?’” Levy joked. “But it was so new and out of our comfort zone, in the best way. It was really, really, really fun.”


On September 8th, Jane attended the Bang Bang Baby Premiere in Toronto. I have added some pictures to the gallery

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